Moher Cliff of moher in Irland
Striking Wind Taken at Waxholm in Stockholm
The Single Boat Taken with a double exposure
Skull Tree Shot in Karlskoga with a Nikon d610
Subway in red Taken in Solna subway station
Symmetric Cemetery South of Stockholm
Mystic Forest Shot in my hometown Säffle
Father and Son My sisters husband and his son
Misty Field Taken in a small town called Sunne
Birdsea Shot at Sunne Camping

My name is Patrik Larsson and I was born 1991. Grew up in a small town called Säffle and later on took a degree in graphic design at Brobygrafiska in Sunne. In February 2016 I moved to Stockholm and started to work as a retoucher on a production agency.

I started to photograph in 2011 and were more into street photography than nowadays. Later on I started to shoot nature and now I try to combine the street photography with the nature photography style. You don't often see people in my pictures and the street photos I take are more influence with the nature style than street photography itself.


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